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  • At the corner of Love Lane and Aldermanbury, round the back of the old City of London Police HQ, is a ‘pocket park’ that was (on a hot sunny day in May) full of City and building workers eating their lunches and catching some rays. This is the site of the churchyard of St Mary […]
  • WHAT: Statue of Robert Clive WHERE: Clive Steps, King Charles Street, Whitehall (map) BY WHOM: Robert Tweed WHEN: 1912 The statue of Robert Clive – “Clive of India” – is between two government buildings (The Foreign Office and the Treasury) off Whitehall and facing St James’s Park. It is a less than prominent site for […]
  • I’ve done so many tours of the Churchill War Rooms recently (né Cabinet War Rooms, né Central War Room) that I’m half-expecting them to give me my own office there. In March alone I did six tours, and there are another half a dozen already slotted in for this month (april). The place is – […]
  • I’m about to start several tours for (mainly) Americans who are following in the footsteps of Winston Churchill. We’ll be doing Chartwell, Blenheim, Bletchley Park, the Cabinet War Rooms, and various Winston-related sites in the capital. I’ve been prepping like mad by reading a whole bunch of biographies and commentaries, some of which are listed […]
  • You’ve probably heard of the Tower of London’s ‘Ceremony of the Keys’ that takes place just before 10pm every day. This is when the Tower is officially locked up for the night, and the Ceremony has taken place every day since the 1300s (or 1500s – as with so much to do with the Tower, […]
  • Yesterday, wearing my London Society hat and Paul Smith suit, I went to the awards for the Society’s “Love Letters to London” writing competition around the theme of ‘Recovery and Resilience’. We wanted to celebrate the capital and how, despite the knocks from covid, and from anti-London in government and the press, this is one […]