Discover the City of London
, by : Don Brown

A Good Walk through the City of London


Join me as we peel back the layers on the City of London’s history, from the Roman’s Londinium, to the 21st century skyscrapers that define modern London. On the way we’ll hear about the medieval and the Tudor cities, see the devastation caused by the Blitz and the 1666 Great Fire, admire the ingenuity of Victorian engineers, and walk in the footsteps of Shakespeare and Dickens (and Harry Potter!).

Starting near Sir Christopher Wren’s Baroque masterpiece of St Paul’s Cathedral and finishing across the river by the reconstructed Globe Theatre, highlights of the walk include:

  • The ancient Roman amphitheatre, hidden for centuries until it was rediscovered in the 1980s
  • Christchurch Greyfriars – once a seat of learning that rivalled Oxford University, now an English country garden in the shadow of St Paul’s
  • The Royal Exchange, where England’s wealth was created – now an upmarket shopping centre where a lot of wealth is spent
  • The alleys and courts known to Dickens, where Mr Scrooge hoarded his money
  • Leadenhall Market – a triumph of Victorian ironwork, and with a history stretching back before Shakespeare
  • London Bridge, with its iconic views downriver to Tower Bridge and the medieval fortress (and UNESCO World Heritage Site) Tower of London
  • The Monument to the Great Fire – and if it’s sunny (and we have the energy) we’ll climb the 311 steps to put us on eye-level with the City’s skyscrapers
  • The remains of the original Roman wharf at St Magnus the Martyr
  • Guildhall, the medieval building that is the City’s ‘town hall’
  • G F Watt’s wonderfully eccentric ‘Memorial to Heroic Self-sacrifice’
  • Borough Market – the foodie’s paradise
  • Historic riverside Southwark, with the sites of the original (and modern) Globe, the Rose Theatre, a bishop’s palace and Shakespeare’s brother’s grave

On the way we’ll hear about the traditions of the Lord Mayor, the Great Fire and other destructions, the gold in the Bank of England, the medieval Cathedral, and how the City has adapted through the centuries.

You can book this walk for a private tour, or as part of a half- or full-day’s tour. Contact me for more information.

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